Installation of WPC decking

Before installation, the decking shall be placed on a dry substrate in the installation area. It is recommended to allow it lying for 24 hours. Carefully check each board before installation. The warranty does not cover siding damaged prior to installation. It is recommended to install decking at the temperature above zero. Decking and support joists cannot be installed directly on the open ground. It is recommended to install the boards:

  • on flawless concrete blinding;

  • on supporting concrete beams formed in the ground;

  • on concrete tiles laid in sand or gravel;

  • on any other hard surface coated with material from non-natural fiber.

At preparation of the base for decking laying, consider bias in the longitudinal direction of the board in order to deflect rain and moisture.

Laying the supporting joists

The joists shall be laid out and secured to concrete; they shall not be connected back to back. The distance between the adjacent joists shall be from 30 to 20 cm. At normal laying such distance shall be equal to 30 cm, in the areas with heavy pass – 25 cm, for diagonal installation – 20 cm. Note that the void between the support structure elements shall not be filled; it is necessary to leave a gap of at least 20 mm around the perimeter so that air can circulate freely. The coating shall not contact with the ground.

Laying and fixing of boards

One stop joist shall be provided on each end of the board. The board shall be laid directly on joists at right angles. The boards shall be not glued, but fastened with screws and decking clips (special clips for mounting) supplied by our company. Insert a decking clip under the first installed board and fasten it with screw in the joist center. Note that the distance shall be at least 3 cm from the edge in order to prevent destruction of wood-polymer composite material. Then insert all the next boards in the mounting clips and fasten the boards at each intersection with joist. The wood-polymer composite corner shall be installed on the ends of boards around the decking perimeter. At installation, consider that the effect of increased moisture or high temperatures can cause shrinkage or expansion of material in length, width or thickness. This problem can be solved by compensation gaps with a width of no less than 20 mm between the decking board and all fixed objects (walls, curbs, supports). The ends of boards shall be on the joist or shall emerge for a few centimeters (no more than 7 centimeters).

The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the guidelines. All the changes are posted on our website. In case of failure to comply with the guidelines and recommendations, the manufacturer reserves the right to void the provided warranty.