Decking Decking is sufficiently well-known and popular building material in the Ukrainian market. Our company manufactures and retail and wholesale supply of several types of decking (Premium, Privat, Massive, Massive Elit, Lite, Home) in various colors (Grey, Oak, Merbau, Wenge, Graphite). Подробнее

Siding Siding from wood-polymer material unlike siding, plastic, metal or wood has increased a number of operational parameters and properties. Siding WPC has improved mechanical strength compared with pure plastic siding, less susceptible to sunlight as compared to metal, is more durable in comparison to natural wood siding etc. Besides, it looks beautiful, aesthetically pleasing and natural. Our company manufactures and sells siding WPC in various geometrical and color schemes. Подробнее

Fencing Fencing from WPC — is a new solution for an old problem for the protection of areas, its division into zones and the protection of human in hazardous areas (cliffs, high bank, etc.). Our company is constantly working to develop new solutions in the creation of their own design elements for arranging fences and barriers of the WPC. Подробнее

The company «Polymer & Wood» specializes in the production of products from wood-polymer composite (WPC) for the construction and architectural solutions in the regeneration of the berths, outdoor pools, gazebos, terraces, cafes, etc. The basic material from which we produce our products, has incorporated as the best quality of raw materials (wood and polymer), and differs from them for its unique properties, including:

Increased mechanical strength
UV resistance
humid resistance
environmental friendliness
easy machining

An important factor that contributes to ease of installation, is available for each type of product, special components, which are also produced by our company.