Fencing and fences

The company «Polymer & Wood» produces a wide range of products from wood-polymer composite, sufficient for the production of different types of fences.

Fencing — a design of a set of elements that allows to isolate and localize areas of the territories or areas. As a rule, fences are openwork translucent structures.

Fence — a design of a set of elements designed not only for the localization of the territory, but also to protect it, including from unauthorized access.

As follows from the definition, fences are often made «blind», with sewing panels of opaque materials.

«PolymerWood» products nomenclature for fencing and fences:

Column 120×120

Constructive element column has a cross section 120×120 mm and is designed to create a vertical guide fences and barriers, to which is attached the fence construction. It allows you to create a mechanically strong and resistant to resist the elements. This item is made in standard size as well as the customer’s order.Perfectly matched the profile of the cross section facilitates the installation of fencing using a mortgage support.

Railing 90×45

Railing base fences, section 45×90 mm, is attached to the column. It is made of wood-polymer composite that is not a threat splinters. It produced and sold at a standard length or on order.The inner cavity allows mortgage reinforcing elements for stiffening.

Balusters 50×50

Universal structural element of hollow WPC profile section 50×50. With balusters perform transverse and vertical stiffeners fences, it is bearing structural member and, in addition, perform a decorative function.

Cover 135×135

The structural element is designed to cover the completion of the top of the column of fences and barriers of PDK, as a protective and decorative element.

Component parts:

  • galvanized support for the mortgage;
  • galvanized to BS railing;
  • corners;
  • plugs.

Examples of fences and barriers of the products «PolymerWood»

Complete sets of fences from wood-polymer composite, for the convenience of its customers, are offered for sale by «PolymerWood» company. One such kit includes a set of all necessary accessories for installation of a fence section. Kit can be purchased with one or two columns. Download information about the kit.

Options of fences from the WPC elements of «PolymerWood» company

These structures use elements such as balusters, railing, columns, caps.

This design uses front panels 300 mm (can be used siding), couch, handrails, balusters.

Options for fencing the elements of the WPC «PolymerWood»

In these designs used items such as balusters, handrails, column covers.