The company «Polymer & Wood» is a domestic manufacturer of products made of wood-polymer composite (WPC).In modern equipment, we produce a wide range of products from the WPC: decking, siding, facade panels, fencing elements, etc.The company «Polymer & Wood» has the full technological cycle of production of fillers for WPC (wood flour, resin) finishing profile extrusion and assembly site for a complete set of protections from the WPC.

Full production cycle at the plant allows to provide not only the production of a wide range of products from wood-polymer composite, as well as allows for operational quality control at all stages of production.

Thanks to a long and fruitful cooperation with our suppliers, the company «Polymer & Wood» well-functioning network of raw materials from reliable suppliers has been organized. Wood-plastic composite produced by our company consists of:

  • wood – 70 %,

  • polyethylene – 25 %,

  • additives – 5%.

In contrast to the widely represented in the Ukrainian market of profiles and panels, the WPC «Polymer & Wood» Company do not contain any phenol-formaldehyde resins or chlorine compounds. The binder used — polyethylene, is completely environmentally friendly material and provides high performance composite.

Products manufacturing technology of wood-polymer composite in the company «PolymerWood» is organized as follows:

  • production of wood flour;

  • production granule WPC;

  • WPC profile extrusion;

  • the formation of sets of products;

  • packaging products.

The very production process is fully automated, it also delivers advanced innovative ideas. The company pays great attention to environmental and waste-free production: as a result — no dust emissions, and extruded profiles are made with little or no waste, since the material is recyclable.

Our production runs 24 hours a day, which makes it possible to quickly perform all incoming orders and to complete the necessary stocks. As a rule, our stock at any time there are up to 95% of all the necessary products and component parts.

To improve the quality of customer service, for example, we have the opportunity at any time to change the order of production and make the necessary customer size and color of the product.