About the company

The company «Polymer & Wood» — one of the leading producers and suppliers in Ukraine wide range of products from wood-polymer composite (WPC) to terraced coatings (polymer board), wall cladding and facades (siding, panels), arrangement of fences. The creation of our company coincides with the formation of the Ukrainian market of products of wood-polymer composite. We can say that we are at the source of production, which is unique in its market segment. «Polymer & Wood» is a company full cycle, which carries out the development, production and supply (sale) of products and materials for terrace coverings, fencing and construction. We are constantly working on expanding the range of our products based on market needs and our customers.

Own product line «Polymer & Wood»

НOur company has a production line with a unique modern equipment for the production of various products from the WPC. This is the main component of product quality. Another quality component — the use of only the best raw materials and components from reliable and trusted vendors. At all stages of the production cycle, we provide full control of the production of products — from the creation of the pellets before the finished product.

To improve the quality of service to our end users, the company has formed a network of representatives and partners throughout Ukraine, which allows for prompt resolution of any issues arising from the buyers.

We set a goal to not only meet the needs of customers in product quality, but also seek to promote the use of products from the WPC, informing about new products, the scope, characteristics, advantages and features of our products. To this end, the company «P&W» regularly participates in exhibitions of architecture and design, has been active in social networks.

We are always open to dialogue, we can always get expert advice on the use, care and the rules of product installation of wood-polymer composite.