Installation and Maintenance

Products made of wood-polymer composite (decking, siding, facade panels, fencing elements) — is not only a unique consumer properties of the material, but also comfortable, practical, technological installation, resulting in saved time and financial resources. Products P&W from the KDP have a high degree of unification and to provide them all the necessary materials and components, which allows quickly and qualitatively carry out the installation of any object.

Installation of products from WPC

Installation work can be carried out by professional installers, as well as its own with the necessary skills and a suitable tool. To install the products P&W from the WPM (decking, siding or fence from WPC) we need a standard set of tools which each builder has and many people have at homes. It is:

  • angle grinder (flex) or circulating saw;

  • electric drill;

  • electric jigsaw;

  • screwdriver or a regular screwdriver;

  • rubber mallet (mallet);

  • manual level (laser level);

  • roulette (line);

  • pencil;

  • protective glasses.

Preparing for installation

Before installing products from the WPM should be allowed to adapt to the place of work. The ideal would be to put them on the twenty-four hours to dry the substrate near the place where the will is made blow, it should also be noted that the laying of products P&W from the WPM is not recommended at temperatures below freezing. Please note that slight color variations in color of the profile or profiles of one party is a normal and emphasizes the natural texture of wood. Color is aligned in the formation of the patina (natural darkening of the wood).

For proper installation of works with the products of P&W from the WPM use our instructions:

Wood-polymer composite maintenance

As a rule, products from wood-polymer composite material does not require additional or special care. But it is necessary to take into account some of the recommendations that will maximize the service life of products from the WPM:

  • if desired, can be coated with a varnish or paint terraced board, although this is not necessary. This procedure can be done no earlier than four months after installation. It is desirable to make a test on a small area coverage before varnishing the entire surface;

  • for clearing snow is necessary to use instruments only plastic to avoid damaging the material;

  • it is not recommended to use rubber pads to avoid surface staining, it is better to choose the color stability of woven or vinyl;

  • avoid using solvents, do not use alkaline cleaning agents, clean the cover with water and detergent under pressure;

  • can not be put on the cover hot items, to avoid the possibility of deformation. Also avoid metal objects that have rust spots;

  • do not exceed the permissible load limit for boards of wood-polymer composite;

  • facilitates extraction and precipitation moisture from the surface, watch for cleanliness in the gaps.

There are also special tools that are designed to care for the WPC material to improve the quality of the product external appearance and protect against fading. If very worried about the safety of decking. siding or facade panels, you can use the funds.